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If you’ve stumbled upon this website then you are one step closer to getting yourself back into fitness. I took 15 years off from any sort of physical activity, but as soon as I found myself with a fitness goal I was off and running with getting myself back into shape. Please let me help you on your journey back into fitness. I will be sharing tips, tricks, motivation, and helpful hints that I feel would have been helpful for me to know earlier in my journey. Thank you very much for visiting and I look forward to helping you get back into fitness.

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Pull Up Progressions

Introduction Pull-ups are a multi-joint exercise that require minimal equipment to perform. Pull-ups can either be progressed or regressed to increase and improve upper body muscular strength, endurance, hypertrophy, and performance of tasks that require Read more…

Steel mace workouts

It’s time to feel stronger with the steel mace workout. You can exercise your entire body. The round metal head is expertly crafted and its weight is perfectly and evenly distributed. Steel mace workout is Read more…

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