Stretches to Improve Posture from Office Desk Sitting

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How can I improve my posture from sitting at a desk all day?

Focus on stretches that open up your shoulders and upper back. The shoulders round forward while sitting in an office chair as the computer screen mesmerizes your body into leaning towards it. Even if the lower body stays in one place the shoulders and back roll forward.

There are both static and dynamic stretches that can aid with improving office chair posture.  Working the core through exercises is also key.

Static stretches for office chair posture

Pec stretch – This stretch was taught to me by a massage therapist. Face a wall or doorway and place your left arm on the wall or doorway without any bend to the arm. Rotate your body 90 degrees while keeping your arm on the wall. Hold for 30 seconds. You should feel a stretch in your pec muscle. Repeat with your right arm. It was suggested to me to do this stretch 10 times a day.

Arms behind your back stretch – This stretch was also taught to me by a massage therapist, and expanded upon by a Strong First personal trainer (who modified the stretch to include holding a weight.) You do not need a weight to do this. If you’re at your desk put your back towards the desk. Place your hands behind your back and grab the bottom of your desk. Hold for 30 seconds. If you have access to weights replace grabbing onto your desk with holding onto the weight behind your back.

Flag Pole Stretch – Stand at a 90 degree angle from a wall. Place both hands on the wall hinging from your hip. Hold for 30 seconds.

Bonus Stretches to Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

From a standing position, place your hands on your desk palms down. Hold for 10 seconds. Turn your hand over palms up on the desk and hold for 10 seconds. Rotate your wrist 90 degrees with your palms face up and place your hand on the desk holding for 10 seconds. Repeat palms down for 10 seconds. This can also be done on a window sill or any available table.

You can also use your left thumb to push into your right hand’s carpal tunnels as well as press into the webbing and stretch the fingers on your hand. Repeat with the right hand massaging the left.


Videos are coming soon for this article. I realize it’s impossible to follow without pictures or videos.

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