11 Minute Ab Challenge

Published by Jason Narog on

11 minute abs

Want to improve your core? Do you have 11 minutes in your day? The answer is yes, you can do this while watching your favorite TV show. I’ve combined 8 different ab workouts that target every muscle group in your core (be it at the same time or in sequence.) Try the 11 minute ab challenge today.

Get yourself a tabata timer, set it for 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest with a total of 16 cycles. You’ll do each exercise twice. This ends up being 8 minutes of work with a little under 3 minutes of rest (hence 11 minute abs.)

Exercise 1 is a plank. In the video I do the elbow plank. Having the elbows on the ground allows for more digging into the ground (hard style plank, although a hard style plank should only be held for 10 seconds if its a true hard style plank.) The plank engages everything in your core as well as your glutes.

Exercises 2 and 3 are side planks. These target your obliques, or side ab muscles. It also targets your glutes, and parts of your hip and thigh.

Exercise 4 is the mountain climber. In the video I go opposite knee to opposite elbow. Mountain climbers target a variety of muscle groups throughout the body. Core wise these target both the obliques and abdominal muscles.

Exercise 5 is the V Up. This is another full body-ish workout that targets both the obliques and abdominals.

Exercise 6 is the Russian Twist. This targets your obliques, similar to the side planks.

Exercise 7 are Wipers. In the video my legs don’t quite make it up to 90 degrees. Try for 90 degrees if you don’t suffer from tight hamstrings (you can see my grab my hamstrings a few times in this video.) This works the abdominals as well as strengthening the glutes.

Exercise 8 are seated punches. These work similar to the Russian Twists and target your obliques. Keep your hands on or near your chin, rotate and punch then bring your hand back to your chin before rotating to the other side and punching with the other arm.

Throw this into your next workout, possibly at the end as a finisher. There will definitely be a burn. I personally currently have trouble with the V Ups.