Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

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Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor

I recently purchased the Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor to help me track my heart rate after a conversation with Travis Kane LAc. I saw him twice while recovering from the nasty flu this year and was looking for advice on how to get back into my regular routines after being ill for so long. He suggested I start paying attention to my heart rate instead of just going 120% during every workout. I also downloaded the Wahoo Fitness app for Android so I could track my training on my phone.

The Tickr X blew away my previous heart rate watch. This thing is amazing. I started using it on 1/16/18. The first workout I tracked was a dance lesson with my wife. I used my phone during this first workout as I didn’t know how to use the auto-record functionality. I again used the phone app during my kettlebell workout the following morning.

Here are real screen shots from the Wahoo Fitness App and my first two workouts.

Wahoo Fitness App

Ballroom dance class

Wahoo Fitness App Kettlebell Workout

Morning Kettlebell workout

I tested the recording functionality without having the phone recording on Thursday night. You snap the monitor into the strap and it starts recording. After the workout I clicked the refresh button and it sunk my data with my phone.

The app also identifies your various target heart rates based on age and resting heart rate. They have two variations of the test – I opted for the “don’t move for two minutes” option. It determines your max heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 then breaks up other “zones” for you to identify where your calorie burns are and where your “burst” level is.

It keeps track of your calorie burn rate and Nike Fuel Rate as well and gives you a breakdown in percentage of how long you trained in each zone. I’ve been syncing my data over to UnderArmour’s MyFitnessPal app to track calories burned during exercise.

Wahoo Fitness App Burn and BurstWahoo Fitness App Nike Fuel

Here’s a video from Wahoo explaining what Burn and Burst are.