Monday January 29th, 2018 Workout

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The intensity level on this one is a bit (a lot a bit) higher than the workout I posted on Friday. You can slow it down by taking more frequent breaks in between exercises.

Part 1

Dynamic Warm Up

(some of these exercise examples are available on the Friday January 26th workout)

Open & Close the Gate [Jan 26]

Toe Touches

Hold your arms out at a T and start walking across the room. Kick your right foot up and touch your toes with your left arm, rotating at the waist. Then kick your left foot up and touch your toes with your right arm. Repeat across the room.

Bear Crawls

Get on all fours and lift your knees off the ground. Move your left hand and right leg forward, then repeat with your right hand and left foot across the room.

Good Mornings

This is a hip hinge exercise to practice proper form for movements like deadlifts. Grab a wooden dowel (or a broom) and hold it behind your head, back, and glutes. Bend your knees slightly and hinge forward keeping contact on all three points. Hinge only as far as you can without rounding. Tighter hamstrings will force you to hinge less.

Part 2


Neck Stretch

Grab the left side of your head with your right arm and pull your head towards your right shoulder. Tilt your chin down at a 45 degree angle so you’re looking at your armpit. Now rotate your head up and away with the same 45 degree angle (only looking up.)

Inner Hamstring Stretch [Jan 26]

Alternating Calf Stretch

Get into the downward dog yoga position then bend your left knee while keeping your right leg straight. Straighten your bent leg then return to bent to increase / decrease the stretch. Do both sides.

Classy Stretch [Jan 26]

Shoulder Opener for office dwellers

I grabbed this off of youtube and will post the video shortly. Lie on your chest with your arms in a Y over your head. Roll towards your back to open up your shoulders. Do both sides.

Part 3

The exercises

3 sets of 12 superset – 2 exercises require a resistance band. Knees and lunges are distance as opposed to count, still 3 sets each.

Single Arm Resistance Band Shoulder Press (do 12 on each side before proceeding to superset)

Palm faces away from you with resistance band handle cradled in your wrist. Your arm should be bent at 90 degrees with your elbow pressed against your rib cage. Now push your arm up over your head then come back down to your original starting position.

Superband One Arm Shoulder Press

Superband One Arm Shoulder Press – Photo from Experience Life

Reverse Burpee

I took this exercise from another video that says it targets the shoulders more. It’s way less explosive than your typical burpee. Go down into a push up like position (I started throwing in pushups with it) then push yourself back up to standing (you’ll end up bending your knees to do so.)

Knee lifts with tippy toes across room

Lift your right knee up to about chest level and push your left heel off the ground so you’re only on your tippy toes. Bring your right knee down and in a controlled motion place your heel back on the ground. Now raise your left knee and lift yourself up on your right toes. Repeat across the room and back.

Forward alternating lunge with rotation

Perform a forward lunge (left knee goes forward and bends, right knee goes behind you) then rotate your torso to the left (the side your front knee is on.) Repeat with your right leg forward, left leg behind rotating to the right. Go across the room and back.

Resistance band rows

Cross the resistance band handles to your opposite arms. Pull the resistance bands towards your body hugging your elbows close to your ribs. Return to starting and row again.

Lat pulls across floor

This is literally the only exercise I’ve found online to target your lats with bodyweight without having a pullup bar. Lie flat on your stomach with your arms over your head, elbows bent to roughly a 90 degree angle. Now pull your body across the floor with your arms. Push yourself back to starting and do it again.

Tabata Bodyweight Standard Squats – 8 rounds, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off

Standard squatting motion. Kick your hips back, bend at the knees with your toes tracking over your second and third toes. Keep your back straight, sitting only as deep as you can without rounding out on top or having your knees cave or collapse over your toes. Do as many squats as you can for time.

Part 4

4 minute abs – 3 exercises, 6 rounds total, 30 seconds on, 10 off

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Other Side Plank

This is the starting point of 11 minute abs. I poorly managed the clock for a 1 hour workout and had to cut 11 minute abs short.

Part 5

Post Stretch

Yoga Child’s Pose (with arms in front of you)

Cobra yoga stretch


Elongation Stretch

Lying Torso twist

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