Kettlebell / Pushups Weekly Challenge

Published by Jason Narog on

This week’s challenge is double arm kettlebell swings followed up with pushups. There are numerous ways this combination can be executed – pyramids, ladders, tabata, or the way I learned it: additional rest sets. The breakdown I learned is – 30 seconds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute 30 seconds periods of work. Do 5 swings in 30 seconds then rest until the 30 seconds is up. Repeat. Repeat again. Now do 5 swings in 1 minute 30 seconds. When the minute 30 is up switch to pushups. Do 5 pushups in 30 seconds. Repeat. Repeat again. Now do 5 push ups in the 1 minute 30 second time. Switch back to swings. Do 3 rounds of each exercise for a total of 60 swings and 60 pushups.