Ab Roller Challenge

Published by Jason Narog on

This weekly challenge started off as a challenge laid down by Brian Worthy of Practically Fit PDX to me, which I’ve now turned into an Instagram battle and am extending the challenge out to all my mailing list subscribers. Get yourself a trusty ab roller to take this challenge.

Quick backstory – Brian was training me and said “alright let’s use the ab wheel.” To which I said “I haven’t used the one at my house in months.” And he said “me neither, let’s both use ours this week through a challenge.” So I took that 1 step further and opened up the challenge on Instagram to make it public.

This is a 5 day challenge. 3 rounds of ab rolling between 5-8 rollouts per round. I started the challenge a day after doing 3 rounds of 8, so days 2 and 3 were pretty grueling doing sets of 8. If you can do 5, then do 5. You also don’t need to do all 5 days in a row. I did 2 days of the challenge, took 1 day off, then returned to the challenge.

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