Bodyweight Routine using Exercise Cards

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I had an assist on Friday’s Morning Wellness routine thanks to a purchase I made back around Christmas ’17 of Bodyweight Exercise Cards by New Me Fitness. There are other options for cards as well ranging from dumbbells to kettlebells to suspension training, but given the room and equipment I have to work with during Morning Wellness I opted for the bodyweight routine.

The opening went like this – I had two of my regulars in class who I asked to cut the deck of exercise cards. We alternated having each cut the deck with the card on top of the cut being the exercises we were going to do. We chose eight cards, but ended up only having enough time in the routine to get through six.

The beauty of exercise cards is that it adds a random element to the routine. I knew we were going to be doing sprints in preparation for upcoming mud runs, and we were going to be running a tabata format (8 rounds, 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds of rest) but I didn’t have a set plan of what exercises we were going to do. After class I inquired how using the cards went. I was told it was a fun way to shake up the routine.

If you’d like to try out our routine from Morning Wellness, here it is.

Tricep Pushups

This had to be the only mishap with the cards. What they called a “tricep pushup” is not what I call a tricep pushup. Here’s what I think a tricep pushup should look like.

But the card was asking for more of a plank builder tricep pushup. Like this.

If you opt for the plank builder tricep pushup and haven’t done it before it turns more into what I referred to as a plank builder in 11 minute abs part deux. The biggest difference between a plank builder and a tricep plank pushup being that builders go one arm at a time whereas the plank pushup is supposed to be both arms at the same time.

It is worth noting the card did visibly state that the exercise was a difficult one.

Reverse Plank

This one is going to test your wrists, which can be slightly painful if you have the starting stages of carpal tunnel from sitting at a computer all day typing. Lie on your back with your feet pointed up towards the air. Push through your heels and your arms to come off the ground. Squeeze your glutes while maintaining a static plank position. Remember to breathe.

Now sprint back and forth for one minute. We had cones.

Side Lunges

For tabatas alternate odds and evens on a different leg. Everyone was right handed so we went left leg for odds and right leg for evens. I got used to floating my leg when returning to the starting position during balance class so I worked a little single leg balance into my side lunge. A standard side lunge involves leaning and bending the leg you’re working while maintaining a straight leg on the other side then coming back to a standing position with both feet together.

And with balance


Up to you if you want to do an elbow or a fully extended arm plank. I prefer the elbow plank. Engage your core, squeeze the glutes, and hold your plank until the timer goes out.

Sprint back and forth for one minute.

Good Mornings

I do these as warm ups with a wooden dowel to better perfect my hinging technique. In this case we’re going to be using it as an actual exercise, as opposed to a stretch / form improver. Glutes go back, hinge at the waist slightly bending at the waist. Feet are shoulder width apart. Maintain a neutral spine hinging forward only as far as you can without rounding.

Windshield Wipers

Lay on your back with your arms at your sides. Lift your legs up into the air and swing them to the ground, then back to parallel then down to the other side. Try to keep your legs straight and your hips / glutes on the ground.

Video example can be seen in the plank video above at about the 4:30 mark.

Finish the routine with one more minute of running back and forth.

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