How to turn any space in your home into a gym

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Hitting the gym regularly contributes to making you look fitter and surely increases the density of your muscles. However, sometimes the cost of the gym membership can take a toll on your bank account and eventually run down your motivation to go to the gym. What if it were possible to create a gym right in your home? That would simply incredible, wouldn’t it? The good news is that it is not only possible but very feasible.

A home gym must not necessarily be expensive. You can get the necessary equipment to set up at affordable prices. Here are steps through which you can turn anywhere in your room into a gym.


The first step in organizing a gym in your home is to pick out the necessary space or a room in which you intend to transform into a gym. It could be a spare room, attic or whatever you have available at your room. Once you have done, you can then focus on other more issues. Clear the space of any clutter and try to make it as clean as possible. This is to allow for absolute concentration during gym hours and is usually one of the most important steps to take while trying to create a gym at home.


After deciding on the space needed for your gym, the next step would be to sort out where you would want everything in your gym to be. The difference between a great gym and a terrible one at times is how well the gym was planned. So take your time and map out how exactly you require your gym to be. You could seek the advice of others before making a decision.


It is important to know the types of exercises which you plan to carry out in your gym. Why this is important is because knowing the exercises allows you to be able to have equipment which would cater to those particular types of exercise. Some of these exercises include:

  • Exercises which focuses more on the conditioning of the cardiovascular aspect of the body. This exercises may include aerobic exercises such as jogging and running.
  • Exercises which focus more on strengthening the muscles, your core and toning your entire body such as weight-lifting or kettlebell training
  • You might also like to focus on all exercises at once, so due consideration must be given to what you might need to achieve this goal

This shows that planning is needed to fulfill all the requirements you have set out for your gym and that can only happen if you know the type of exercises you plan to do in your gym.


When you have mapped out the types of exercises that you would want in your gym, the next step would be getting the right equipment in order to ensure efficiency in your gym. The necessary equipment would vary in relation to the exercise you choose to do. For example, for cardiovascular exercises, the ultimate equipment to boost your gym would be the treadmill. It would ensure successful completion of aerobic exercises.

If you plan on improving your strength, then weight lifting should be the goal and you should invest accordingly in weights. If you, however, want to focus on all types of exercises, then you probably should be thinking of investing in machines and equipment which cuts across all types of exercises. When you get your equipment right, you are one step closer to getting your home gym properly established.


Unless you like your walls looking dry and plain, you would almost certainly be in need of some form of decoration and painting. The first step would probably be to paint your room. You can paint in black, pink, purple or whatever color meets your preference. Painting a room will almost always result in making you feel more at home and ready to keep up with the workout routine you must have prepared.

When it comes to decorations, it may vary too according to an individual’s desires. Some people love to see motivational quotes which inspire them to go on to achieve great things in terms of becoming fitter. If you belong to this group, taking your time to write motivational quotes about exercises on the walls of your gym may just be the inspiration you have always been looking for.

It might also be useful to write out your schedules on the wall or somewhere else in your gym space. It would serve as a reminder of that needs to be done that day. There may be just nothing more compelling to do the right thing for your body than seeing it engraved on the wall of your gym.


Apart from equipment that you would need for the gym coupled with painting and decoration, there most likely will be other things which would be necessary to help you achieve your goals to create a gym at home.

Some persons find it a lot better to exercise with music playing in the background. Therefore, it might be useful to have a DVD player in your gym space to enable you to play music. You might also need to watch some videos which outlines some tips which can help you to exercise more effectively.

It is clear then that the number of things you would need to feel comfortable solely depends on what you prefer. Therefore, get creative and try to make your gym customized to your taste as much as possible.

These tips can help you get settled into your new gym in no time. It may take a bit of work and planning but it is worth it if you can pull it off at the end. The benefits are numerous and when you think back at the money you save from no gym membership costs, you would realize you absolutely made the right decision in creating your very own gym!


Nick is a contributing writer for Get Back Into Fitness, sharing tips on health and wellness