11 Minute Medicine Ball and Side Abs

Published by Jason Narog on

Medicine ball

We’re rolling back the clock to the 11 minute ab program, tossing in some 5-ish minute medicine ball abs routines and bringing back in the side planks to get those side abs working. The modifications came about for two reasons – one being that my current SFG instructor found some strength leakage in my obliques (meaning I’m neglecting them with the latest modifications I suggested previously so I want to pass on that knowledge to others) and two – I’m jumping on the bandwagon (at least temporarily) of removing the russian twist from my list of activities.

Grab your timer, set it for 16 rounds, 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. We’re going to be doing 4 exercises a total of 4 times each.

It’s worth noting that this is more of a strengthening routine as opposed to a high intensity cardio program. Jiu Jitsu Abs was pretty close to cardio, as was part deux, so you can always check those out if you want cardio.

Exercise One, Five, Nine, and Thirteen – Dead Bug with a Medicine Ball

For the sake of coordination I like going one direction only for the whole thirty seconds. If your coordination is good you can go back and forth if you’d like. Lay on your back, knees up in the air, holding the medicine ball at about chest level with both hands. Kick out one of your legs (lets say left) away from your body until your leg is straight. Move the medicine ball over and away from your face to the right, with your arms fully extended. Now bring your leg and arms back in to the starting position.

Exercise Two, Six, Ten, and Fourteen – Medicine Ball Plank

I alternated between planking on the ball and not planking on the ball the last time I did this. Well, that’s not entirely true. On the second go around I did the plank on my knuckles. The rest were on the ball. Straight arm plank here. Squeeze the glutes, drop the hips (if you’re hiking them up high) and remember to breathe.

Exercises Three, Seven, Eleven, and Fifteen – Left Side Side Plank

Re-enter the side plank. Make sure your hips are in line and you’re in a straight line. I’ve seen people (and I do this myself) look more like a V than a T. The butt goes back, putting the upper body and lower body in a V like line. Try to push those hips forward. Hold yourself up on your elbow with your shoulder, arm, and elbow all in line. For added difficulty hold your top arm in the air. Breathe.

Exercises Four, Eight, Twelve, and Sixteen – Right Side Side Plank

Same as above just do it on the other side. Again, remember to breathe. Breathing is good.

So we’re back to 11 minutes of your time instead of 5-ish. But we’re working on stability. And stability is good. I personally was kicking my hips out to the side while pushing a 24kg (53 lb) up with a shoulder press. Weight training requires stability and strength through the entire body. This will help with that. Consider these ab routines necessary on top of your other training.