Top Notch Exercises to Ease You Into Working Out

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As humans, wanting to be physically fit is a natural desire. Who doesn’t like to have well-defined abs and those massive biceps? Sometimes, though diving straight into a workout routine can seem daunting to say the least. Even those who had a good workout routine but have taken a break can find it hard to get back into the groove in relation to working out.

It is safe to say that this task can appear so hard that many persons may give up without even trying at all. However, there are certain exercises that can help ease the process of getting back to that wonderful routine you had at first or if you are a beginner, starting your first workout.


Body circuit exercises allow you to work your entire body including your cardio-muscular part of your body. With this exercise, you could make sure all the muscles in your body gets in on the action. There are various types of exercise that allow you to accomplish this. We will try to highlight them one after the other:

SQUATS: Squats is all about working those leg muscles. It requires no equipment whatsoever and has so many benefits for the body. Such benefits include but are not limited to helping to burn fat in the body, help the body to maintain balance and stamina, keeps your entire body fit and contributes to the elimination of waste products.

LUNGES: Lunges are perfect exercises to ease you gradually into a more intense workout routine. Lunges focus more on quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Hence, lunges are just the perfect exercises for strengthening every part of your lower body which includes your legs and buttocks. What makes lunges all the more affordable is that it requires little or no equipment to perform this exercise efficiently. Lunges give you better balance and strengthen your core significantly giving you a fitter outlook.

PUSH-UPS: Nothing good old-fashioned pushups cannot solve. This exercise alone works every muscle in your body making it arguably the ultimate the body circuit exercise. Pushups not only gives you better balance and stability, it also gives your muscles more density and gives you this glorious fitter toned body which would leave other envious of you. It shapes your upper body and helps to define your abs and biceps. This would only be possible if pushups are done properly. Make sure your back forms an imaginary straight line and try not to rush while performing this exercise for maximum effects.


Resistance exercises refer to those exercises meant to test the body muscles with the help of external materials such as bottles containing fluids, bells and the weight of the body itself. In other words, resistance exercises help to improve the strength and endurance of the body using any means which would test the ability of the body’s muscles.

DIPS:  The tricep dip can be done on a couch, bench, or dip machine with resistance coming from gravity. In this exercise you lower yourself down at the elbow then raise your body back up to fully extended arms.


Stability exercises are exercises meant to stabilize major muscle groups within the body to allow your body to function correctly through a full range of motion during other resistance or strength and conditioning exercises. Stability exercises include:

PLANK: For an exercise which hits all the major muscles of the body and improves the core of the body, the plank is a relatively easy exercise to perform. It takes the form of a pushup with the only difference between both exercises is the stationary nature of the planks which operates with lower arms of the body used to support the body.

The plank exercise has many benefits which include better metabolism, strengthening of core muscles in the body, abdominal muscles and legs muscles all at once. It also improves the posture of individuals due to the fact that one of the conditions of the exercise is to form an imaginary straight line with your back.

Planks can easily be performed by taking a position similar to the position in which a push up is performed. Bracing up your body using the elbows and making sure your back is straight, hold this position for 30-40 seconds. It is important to keep the muscles in your stomach contracted through-out this exercise. This exercise would leave you wanting to do more and could be a stepping down to regaining your exercise routine.


Endurance exercises mostly focuses on improving your stamina and are basically linked with aerobic exercises. Some of these exercises include:

JUMPING JACK: Take a trip down memory lane, specifically to your childhood and bring back to life your love for the jumping jack exercise. As children, we might not have grasped the importance of this exercise but the benefits we get from this exercise are quite numerous.

First, it is important to note that Jumping Jack is more or less a cardio exercise which also touches aerobic aspects of exercises. Therefore, Jumping Jack will help improve the state of your heart. It also contributes to you have a less stress filled day. This is due to the fact that the brain releases serotonin which makes us feel good about ourselves. Most importantly though, this exercise is a good way to pave the road open for more intense workouts. This makes it one of the ideal exercise to get that workout routine back on track.

JOGGING: whether outside where you can feel the soft breeze hitting your face or on the treadmill, jogging is an essential exercise which can help us get back to our normal workout routine. The benefits gotten from jogging ranges from better stronger bones to having a fit and healthier body.

DANCING: Sometimes, all we need is a little “shake-up”. Dancing most times may be overlooked but is and can be a good way of exercising our bodies. It leads to better heart and lung condition, better endurance levels and who knows, maybe your dancing skills may just go up a notch.

It is important to realize though, that while you may have motivation burning through your veins to get back to a reasonable workout routine, overdoing the exercises all at once will not lead you closer to our goal. Instead, it can lead to you burning out which will eventually drain you of all motivation to continue your workouts. Realizing your body can only take so much at a time is beneficial to you easing your way back into a good workout routine.


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