Top Exercises For Burning Stubborn Stomach Fat

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Most humans that go into fitness do it to have the perfect tummy that’s flat and toned. It’s what drove a lot of people into exercising before they became indoctrinated into it.

It’s nice to wear that gown you have always wanted to wear but could not because of the slightly pudgy belly. This can be done by exercising. Losing the fat in your tummy is solely not for aesthetic reasons, but for your health too.

Having a larger waist, with much fat can cause diabetes, cancer, and even heart diseases.

Research links larger waist size to heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers.

Some tummy fats are very difficult to lose, and sometimes a lot of fitness enthusiasts do physical activities that they think affect the tummy size, but in reality, do not.

There are exercises that can be inputted into your exercise routine, and you will surely cut down your belly fat, and the fat percolating in other parts of the body.

Run on an incline

This is the first one on my list. To easily burn your tummy fat, run, but not on a flat surface. It’s necessary to run on an incline. More calories, of up to 50%, can be burnt through that method. The inclined surface can be on an inclined treadmill in a gym or a hill. How do you go about it? Walk for few minutes like five minutes, before jogging.

Once you start jogging, your heart rate starts to increase. The jogging should be done for about ten minutes, before you increase your pace again. Repeat the cycle. The exercise does not have to be totally a sprint. If you are able to have a chat with someone next to you, then you are not working hard. You run for five minutes, you then jog for another five minutes, before running again.

Use the rowing machine

Have you seen the toned and flat tummy of those crew rowing on water? The stomach is something of envy. Though you may not be on a rowing crew team, and may not have access to the water, you can still do the rowing routine on the rowing machine. You can do the cardio workout in a gym with the rowing machine.

Rowing allows your heart rate to go up, thereby burning calories and fat. The rowing machine also ensures that muscles pop out in your arms, legs, back, shoulders and even core. To use the rowing machine, it is necessary to start rowing for 20 seconds, before resting for ten seconds. Within that time, look at the meters you have covered. Don’t leave the machine while resting. Continue the process for about eight times, and ensure you beat your previous distance, every time. When the first phase is over, try and row for 500 meters very quickly. Make sure you note how long it takes you to cover it. The time you get is the one you have to beat when you row the next time.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Before, it was thought that dragging the cardio sessions, while maintaining a steady state was key in cutting down calories and fat. That has been dispelled by the new proof that a highly intense cardio session that is fast paced is efficacious in cutting the tummy fat down.

For that flappy tummy to disappear, and a tummy seen in models to appear, you need highly intense, varied workouts that will leave you catching your breath. This intense cardio session, even after you are done, continuously burn down calories. Immediately the 10-minute warm-up is done, you can do squats or kettlebell swings, push-ups, within the 30 seconds interval.

You can use any of your favourite exercises within that thirty seconds interval. This is to ensure that your various muscle groups are worked on. This way some muscles will be recovering, while others are getting worked on.

Do Plank With The BOSU Ball

You can improve your plank session with the BOSU ball. You can burn down your calories or tummy fat that has occupied the muscles in your abdomen. This is a quick and effective way of shedding fat.

Doing plank with the BOSU ball is far more challenging than the normal plank session, where both of your hands are on the ground. The BOSU ball puts your balance to test. Your body is forced to look for a way to balance itself, hence your abdominal muscles, as well as your obliques and abs get activated.

Activating the muscles make your metabolism skyrocket, which leads to fat and calories burning out.

Lift Weights And Rest In Intervals

After lifting heavy weights ensure to rest between the intervals. If you are used to lifting moderate weights, yet the belly fat is still there, it’s time you went for those heavier weights, and reduce your resting interval. Lifting weights give your body the afterburn effect, where your body continuously burns calories and fat even after you are done with the workout. If you are still a novice in strength training or weight lifting, you can workout a training plan with your trainer.


Place your feet about shoulder width apart with your weak foot (if you’re right handed that’d be your left foot) in front and your strong foot in back at a 45 degree angle. Now take a tiny step to your weak side with your weak foot (step left with your left foot if you’re right handed) then tilt your body to the left while slightly bending your left knee. Now pull yourself back up to a neutral position. Did you feel the pull in your obliques? That’s head from head movement in boxing.

Now throw a punch with your strong hand by rotating at the waist. Bring your arm and waist back to center. Did you feel that in your core?

Now do those two movements, the oblique head movement followed by the punch, for 2 minutes. Without stopping. Boxing drills, head movement, punching a bag, punching mitts held by someone else will all increase your heart rate and improve your cardio. Boxing and kick boxing can burn hundreds of calories an hour.

Walk every day


‘Are you kidding me?’ You may wonder. Taking a walk can help you burn out belly fat.

It may seem farfetched, but taking a brisk walk for about 45-60 minutes daily can hype your rate of metabolism. Walking prevents your body from overtraining, where you start to overproduce cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that contributes to the size of one’s belly fat.

Walking workout can be helpful in unwinding after an annoying day or a stressful one. It will also reduce the levels of cortisol produced by you, thereby reducing your tummy fat.

Brisk walking can help drop many pounds and even the ones cramped up in your abdominal muscles.

Try To Walk On An Empty Tummy

You may wonder if you wouldn’t have a faint spell from doing such. Walking before breakfast burns about twenty percent of your body fat, instead of exercising after a meal.

Exercising in a state of fasting makes your body burn up the stored nutrients in you as fuel. When you run, your body ends up cutting down on carbs, and not the stored fat because the fat stored up can not be utilized quickly for the workout’s intensity. The case is different when you brisk run- your body is forced to look for fuel, which means your stored up fat gets burnt. To have that flat tummy, jog immediately you wake up. To reduce the intensity of hunger, take some water. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated while you exercise.


Doing yoga cuts down on the production of the cortisol hormone.

A study was once done, where women were grouped into two. A group of women did yoga daily for 35 minutes. It spanned for 12 weeks. The latter group didn’t do any yoga. It was found that in a stressful situation, the women in the former group didn’t produce high level of cortisol, when compared with those in the latter group. Yoga helps cut down belly fat, while preventing you from having the mindless eating tendency. You can learn yoga from gyms or boutique studios.


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