Fitness Products Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Have

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Being fit is key if one wants to live a healthy life. While getting fit, there are a lot of fitness products you need in order to make your fitness journey easier.

There are a lot of things that you should invest in, if you are keen on being fit. The products are affordable and do not drill a hole into your pocket. Below are some fitness items that would push you harder.

Resistance bands

The first on my list is the resistance band. These rubber bands have different strengths and can spice your exercise routine with added resistance. The rubber band allows you to exercise a bit harder. This will allow you improve your endurance, your strength and even muscle tone.

These bands are affordable and come in various sets. They are portable, tiny and not heavy, hence they can be carried with you while in motion. It can be purchased online or offline in a fitness store around you. Any random supermarket has these bands. You can travel with them, and use them to work out from the comfort of your home.

Skipping rope

The jump rope is one instrument a lot of fitness enthusiasts have and use. It’s common to see boxers and other fighters using the jump rope. It is portable, affordable, and it cuts down a lot of calories in one hour compared to other fitness instruments.

It is fun to skip as many of us skipped as kids. Reliving your childhood experience while keeping fit is cool. The jump rope affords you a cardio workout that has been known to cut down calories and fat quickly.

You don’t need to exercise up to one hour; few minutes and the calories that would have been burnt would scare you. If you are capable, you can go for the high intensity burst, but ensure you catch your breath. This can easily be carried around, even when travelling, like the strength band. It can be used anywhere to burn down calories.

Pull-up bar

This instrument is needed if you want to build the strength of your upper body from anywhere, even in your home.

These bars can easily be attached to a string wall, or the bars can be fixed in the door frame‘s top.
Doing chin ups and pull ups can be very difficult to many people.

This can be easier when you have been practising the pull ups or chin ups for a while or your upper body strength is strong. If not, you may need to start those assisted versions to ease you in. Not assisted or even assisted, this equipment is key in carving your upper body’s strength, and a upper body that is desirable to look at.

This is an affordable product that can be installed in your home, though it can not be said to be portable.

A fitness app

A lot of fitness enthusiasts may ignore this because they feel they already know what they are doing, and do not need to learn more. They forget that every aspect of life evolves daily, even history because, daily, history is made.

These apps is easy to get, and can be downloaded on any app store, and come in various forms. The app can make your exercise routine easy because you can opt for already made up plans, and fall in line.
Our love for technology can be seen in the fitness apps that exist in many app stores. Most times, we are tempted not to exercise or we forget, the app helps you stay on focus. It does it in a creative manner.


You may be surprised to see this on the list. You are wondering what dimwit forgets to exercise without wearing shoes. No one forgets. Shoes are very key because the right work out shoe will allow you exercise better. The wrong one would make you groan in pain, and may even lead to complicated health issues. Not every shoe works with every workout pattern. Some are created for a specific activity. It’s necessary to check before getting one.

Adjustable dumbbells

The dumbbells are great fitness tools that allow you to easily workout at home. The dumbbells can be used at home, especially if you don’t have the time to run off to the gym or run laps of sprints. It is a good burner of both calories and fats.

The dumbbells have a lot of advantages to their owners.

Fitness trackers

This device comes in different shapes, and colours. It is worn on the wrist and has been known to be a fashion statement. It is common to see a lot of fitness enthusiasts wear them. This device can monitor your running distance, walking steps, sleep patterns, heart rate and even swimming laps.

The fitness trackers are capable of communicating with your mobile device via an app. With your phone, you can easily view your activity data.

A lot of smart watches worn can monitor some physical activities using an app.

These trackers can help you to easily fulfill your fitness goals or goals of weigh loss by monitoring your physical activities, even when sleeping.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are typically worn around your chest closer to your heart to let you know what your current active heart rate is while exercising. Some heart rate monitors, like the Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor connect with your phone to record your routines and show you which heart rate zones you were working out in.

Knowing your active heart rate while exercising can help with ensuring you get the most out of your exercise time by exercising in the correct heart rate zones to help you accomplish your goals.

Core strengthening balance boards

A lot of athletes and fitness enthusiasts love these boards because they allow you to easily work on your balance and coordination. You can procure the boards in many styles, but the one normally seen around is the circular board, having a domed side. These are portable and can easily be kept and used in the house or gym.

These boards are involved in exercising many muscles, and not just a main muscle in a bid to keep them aligned. To stay balanced, it is necessary to be aware of your body’s orientation, its posture, movement, and even equilibrium shifts.

A lot of people do not give much attention to balance, forgetting that it is important to your health.
The balance boards improve your balance. Various exercises for different parts of your body can be done on the balance board, from planks, squats to even push ups, and a lot more

TRX Trainer

You see those straps with the yellow and black hue that hang from the gym you frequent, they are TRX. They are key in doing the full-body strength workout because, instead of depending on machines or weights, you make use of your body weight. These are necessary if you want to work on your endurance, and it can be used by all, from newbies to even power lifters. The TRX workout is seen as a version of the antigravity yoga, where the workout gets centered on your body’s center and weight.

This can effectively craft your muscles by mixing the strength training with cardio. It is necessary to know how it works before using it, that’s why you should try it with a trainer around. The straps of the TRX can be assembled easily and can be utilized anywhere. These straps can be used in places with space, like a spacious room or a garden.

These items will ensure the journey is smooth.


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