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Not everyone gets to participate in a triathlon event in their lifetime. However, the people who do can attest it is one experience they would never regret. However, participating in your first triathlon event can leave you with sweaty palms and a million fears all swimming in your head.

It is fair to say that triathlon is going nowhere but up in terms of popularity and the number of people who are becoming more interested in the sport. However, how can you prepare adequately for your first triathlon? What are some steps you might need to take to make sure it doesn’t end in a disaster?


Signing up for the competition may just be the push you need to really start taking it seriously. So force yourself to commit by putting your money where your thoughts are. That way, you know the amount of time you have left to prepare and how to go about fixing your schedule. Registering for the race could lead to a full-blown commitment which could just guarantee your success in the race.

It is important to realize that the most needed benefit of choosing a date that gives you enough time to prepare effectively for the event. It won’t be of any value if you go into the event unprepared and perform badly. It is also important to ponder carefully on the particular type of race which would suit your abilities. It will be of no value to choose a race event that you know does not bring out the best for you but will only mean you would struggle to perform to the level you would have liked.


In order to perform to your best ability, it is imperative that you get good gear which would contain all the necessary items needed to have a successful outing. To get good gear, you must not necessarily spend your life’s savings.

Some of the necessary items needed might include:

  • A suit made specifically for triathlon events
  • Swimming goggles
  • Swimming cap
  • Bike
  • Bike shoes which are made specifically for the purpose of generating more power which would eventually lead to better control and speed of the bike.

Be realistic and realize that for a start, you might not break a new world record. Instead, focus more on being able to complete the triathlon event for a start.


As a beginner more especially, you desperately need a coach. A coach will do a lot of good a he would be able to keep your training going effectively, draw out a schedule for more challenges and prepare you for the event with one eye on the calendar.

Triathlon sports may most times involve activities such as cycling, sprinting and swimming. Therefore, getting a coach is almost mandating for a starter. The coach would help with such things like techniques that can be used in improving your swim stroke or ways to improve your cycling intensity. These are all important aspects that need to be improved before the big event.

Getting a coach would allow you to grow physically because usually, a coach is an expert of what you need to do in order to have a better shot at such an event. A coach allows you to take in your performance in a logical manner and helps you set goals on where you intend to be before the main event. Having a coach then is vital to any form of success in triathlon sports.


To achieve practically anything in life, a measure of effort is needed. Therefore, in order to perform up to the standard you would like, a lot of effort put into training is required. Train hard with your coach but also give yourself time to subsequently recover in order to avoid burnout.

While you should train hard, it is also advisable to be smart about training. This can be achieved when you focus on aspects of training which are fundamental to the game. It would be no use all your effort in some form of training which would nothing to increase your chances of winning.

In training, try to focus on the three categories which you would be participating in during the race. As earlier mentioned yourself out will not help your chances. Instead, try to reduce the minutes spent on your workout to achieve a better result.

You could also try what is referred to as “bricking”. This is when you train on two categories consecutively without any long periods designated for resting. Doing this would help increase your stamina and endurance levels which in turn, will increase your winning chances.

Drinking a lot of water of water or fluids which helps keeping the body hydrated will also help us during the training stage. It would of no use to us if we lose all our strength due to dehydration. Therefore, drink as much water as possible.


Having a quality gear, training with a top coach will only get so far if you have negativity swimming in your head. In order for you to do well in the sports, you need to believe that you can do it and have the right attitude towards the competition.

So, telling yourself that you would never be ready for the event is doing you a whole lot of bad. Instead, stay focused on your training, try to cultivate a positive outlook and train harder with determination in your veins and a smile across your face. When the date comes for you to perform, you might just do so to devastating effects.

Deciding to be involved in a triathlon sporting event can be a major task or be a bit intimidating even at his best. This increases when you are just a novice in the sports. However, with the right attitude and necessary training, you might just be ready to start your first triathlon race!

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