Best Cardio Exercises To Cut Fat

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A lot people do cardio to stay slim, while being able to flaunt their muscle growth. The kind of cardio exercise you do should be based on the type of lean body you desire. Let’s give you an example.
Training and using the same exercise routines that marathon runners do will, invariably, give you a marathon runner’s body. The little muscle on the body will be seen, while you will come off as being very lean after running miles upon miles at a very slow pace.

If you do the exercise routine of a sprinter, you will have the body type normally seen on sprinters, which is one with fat loss, and pronounced muscle. These come from the workouts that are intense and short. To get your muscles pronounced, and cut down on fat, intensity is key, ensuring that calories get burned faster.

Below are the best exercises to cut fat.


A lot of gym rats may prefer the Stairmasters or the treadmills because it burns down calories faster, but the elliptical is good because it reduces the workout impact on the hips and knees.

This machine is good in burning down fat and calories without your joints suffering for it. When you use the elliptical machine at an average pace, you get to lose about 550 calories, every hour, if you weigh around 180-lb. To get more out of the elliptical machine, you can turn up the speed and intensity. While using the elliptical machine, a key way of burning calories is to activate the muscles of the legs greatly by adding a higher incline.

This incline can mimic the stair-climbing and remove the impact.

The elliptical machine is versatile, as reducing the incline, while improving its resistance can give one the feeling of cross-country skiing. While exercising on this machine, desist from holding the handles very tightly, as it can have the aftermath of wrist pain.

Moderate Pace Running

More than 900 calories can get burnt in one hour by a man weighing 180-lb. This can be done weekly or biweekly to maintain your body’s aerobic capacity. This pace of running may lead to muscles being broken down and pounding. Whenever you want to run for a long time ensures that you run those trails with surfaces that are soft, unlike blacktop.

When you are racing on the treadmill and you want to burn the fat and calories quickly, set the mill to about 3%. This will ensure that you gain exactly what you would have gained while taking a run outside.
This race on the treadmill, allows you to lose more calories.

You may want to run, but you may feel it is boring. You can grow the urge by getting some running partners, participating in a running club, or spicing your running by making use of various routes.

Stair Climber

This is another means of a 180-lb man losing about 550 calories, when used at an average pace.
More muscles are involved in climbing stairs, when compared to pacing because of the higher leg lift. There is a snag to it. It cannot be used by those whose knees are bad. How then can you make it work? Rest for two minutes after using the stair climber for thirty seconds. Doing about twelve rounds of this will increase the calories burnt.

Jumping Rope

It’s common to see some athletes jumping the rope, here’s why. The pugilist uses the jump rope in his intensive training system because it can burn calories faster, is affordable, improves the pugilist’s footwork and speed.

A lot of fighters, if not all use the jump rope, as the strength of their shoulders and their coordination can be improved that way. The jump rope allows the user to mimic sprinting, meaning that more fat and calories are burnt quickly. In 30 minutes, about 500 calories get burnt.

Though some people can use the jump rope continuously for 30 minutes without halting, it is necessary to do it in intervals. Spice the exercise with slow and fast jumps.

You can do that by ensuring, that for a minute, you jump very quickly as your body allows you to, while resting for about 30 seconds. Do it again and again. You can use the jump rope anywhere.


Though you may say this exercise is not solely a cardio one, it burns so many calories that it would be unfair to annihilate it from the list.

These workouts have the blend of both cardio and strength training. Studies have shown that this workout can burn about 20 calories, every minute.

The calories burnt include both the aerobic, as well as the anaerobic. With Kettlebell workouts, you will burn calories and gain strength / endurance as you move up weights in a same manner.

To successfully do this, don’t use heavy bells or light ones. Find a bell you can comfortably work with while maintaining proper form. You then do the workout movement for about thirty-five seconds, before halting to recover for twenty seconds. Ensure you continue the cycle until when weak.


Cycling can be done, in gyms, using the stationary bikes, but some people frequenting the gym may not be a lover of it. This is because the stationary bike needs an intense rate.

You can’t pedal this bike leisurely while keying away on your phone. If done right, in one hour, 1150 calories can be burnt by a 180 lb. male. An average ride will earn only 675 calories, for every hour.
Using this equipment can ensure more calories get burnt in shorter epoch of time.

Pedal away for few minutes with great intensity, then reduce the pedaling for few minutes, before starting off again. Continuously do it until you are weak.


A lot of personal trainers favor this exercise because immediately your body is in the water and starts treading, the workout has begun, and calories are burning. Swimming simply means your body fighting the force of gravity to ensure you don’t sink. Swimming quickly for a minute allows your body burn about 14 calories. It’s necessary to use different strokes, as they burn calories differently. The butterfly stroke burns more calories than the breaststroke.

You can also tread to burn calories. How do you do this? You can swim some few laps before treading for a few minutes, then swim again. Repeat the exercise.

You can swim quickly as you can until you get weak, but if you can’t do such, then breaking the routine into intervals is key.

You can swim very quickly through the whole length of the pool, and swim back at a slow pace. Repeat the process.


When you stare at a rowing enthusiast’s body, there is a tendency that you will envy his v-cute frame because it is athletic. Rowing allows both parts of the body- lower and upper- to be exercised in a lower stress manner. This means the exercise goes easy on the ligaments, joints, and posterior chain.

In one hour, a 180 lb. male can burn about 700 calories using this machine. You can increase the number to a thousand calories by its intensity increasing to short sprints.

While rowing, ensure your entire body is used, while keeping your chest up. Let your arms not do all the work, your legs can help too. You can row quickly, for twenty minutes, then you rest for a minute, before rowing intensely for about twenty minutes.

High-intensity interval training

This training burns a lot of calories, and fat. A 180 lb man, in one hour, can lose from 500- 1500 calories using this training.

These workouts are good, as there are variations of the workouts, as well as different intensity. To burn much fat, use a weighted movement, and a body-weight movement, as well as the cardio element. Viola, you have conjured up the perfect recipe.

You can do this by looking for a gym, offering HIIT.

Not all of your workouts should be HIIT workouts, however. Your body needs time to rebound from high-intensity interval training. If you work out 4 times a week, make two of those HIIT routines and use something else from this list for the other two.


The bodies of sprinters have gone a long way to show that sprinting is a great calorie and fat burner. It can be done on the treadmill, outside or even flights of staircase.

You don’t need any implement, as it can be done anytime and anywhere.

This exercise is easy to do while burning a lot of calories. Jogging can burn calories, but sprinting quickly can burn more.

If you want to have one of those bods with six packs, then sprints may not be a bad idea for you.
You can do this routine by sprinting a lap, then resorting to jogging a lap. Do this continuously. If you are using a treadmill, sprint vigorously for about 30 seconds, before slowing down, and jogging for the next minute. When you are using the stairs, run quickly to the top, then jog down. When jogging or sprinting, lift your legs high.


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