Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth

Published by Jason Narog on

How’s your balance? This routine is designed to be done at least twice a day (three times if you brush your teeth after lunch as well) during a time you’re typically on auto pilot. It’s simple – put toothpaste on your brush, pick a leg and stand on it while you brush (while holding your other leg up in the air.)

This routine also has a built in timer, as you brush your teeth for a certain amount of time before finishing.

Try this routine for at least a week, which gives you 7 times per leg. Then report back on whether or not your balance has improved. This routine was suggested to me by two different people – my chiropractor and one of the rehab doctors for the UFC Performance Institute.

If you’d like to up the challenge on this routine – try closing your eyes while balancing. The body likes being able to look at things while balancing, so the lack of vision will make this challenge that much harder.