TRX Low Row

Published by Jason Narog on

This week’s exercise to try is the TRX Low Row. I’m posting this in October, I’m taking a TRX suspension trainer instructor course in November, so this may get adjusted accordingly. But for now, try it out and let me know what you think.

We’re going to be targeting the lats and upper back muscles with this one. I’m debating in my head whether the TRX straps should be mid length or fully shortened. Grab the TRX straps with your palms facing eachother (thumbs  would be facing up / although you’ll be making a fist), lean back with your arms fully extended and your weight on your heels (with your toes off the floor.)

As with every exercise ever, squeeze the glutes and engage the core. Your eyes will be set on the anchor point of your TRX straps.

Now slowly rotate your arms from your lats (squeeze like there’s something in your armpits) which will force your palms to start to rotate towards the ceiling. Pull yourself up until your arms are at 90 degrees. Then return back to your arms fully extended and thumbs facing the ceiling.

I’m finding TRX videos to be highly subjective on what sort of placement you should have your feet and arms in, so play around with this one. Maybe don’t rotate your wrists, move closer or farther away from the anchor point to increase / decrease resistance, etc.

Aim for 3 sets of 12 reps on this.  You’re upper back will be happy you did this.

If mixing into your usual routine (and you sit at a desk all day, or practice martial arts, or drive a car, or anything else that can cause issues with upper crossed syndrome) try throwing this in with a pull up or another pulling exercise. Do two pulls for every push, that way you aren’t too front heavy.