Medicine Ball Push from Your Back

Published by Jason Narog on

Two women doing medicine ball exercises

“Now remember, you need 3 pulls for every 1 push when programming a healthy workout” – said Doug Li, a Black and Yellow TRX instructor I took an 8 hour course from today. So, to stay true to that, here is yet another pushing exercise with a medicine ball. In all fairness, I film these on Friday, then load them up on Sunday, so I hadn’t heard that before filming (although my UFCPI recap suggests 2 pulls for every 1 push…)

This is actually a good routine to do with a partner, and can add some fun to an otherwise lonely workout by yourself. But I didn’t have a partner when I shot the video so it’s just me.

If You’re Solo Doing a Medicine Ball Push On Your Back

Lie on your back with a decent sized medicine ball in your hands. The ball should be somewhere between your chest and belly button. Your elbows will be bent and lying on the floor-ish. Push your arms up straight and throw the ball up into the air. Catch. Repeat.

If You have a Partner

The partner should stand over you either over your head or over your legs so they can catch the medicine ball. You throw it up, they catch it and toss it back down at you. You catch, bring it all the way back down to starting then toss it back up.

This is another exercise that is designed to hit certain muscles that may be neglected during a standard boxing workout to help improve your pushing / punching power. The faster you move the ball, the more power you’ll develop.