Medicine Ball Workouts

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A lot of people are skeptical about the effectiveness of medicine ball workouts. Who can blame them? It is indeed a little bit hard to believe that a heavy ball can help you shape up and stay fit. However, there is scientific proof that states using med balls while working out is not only effective, but provides a total body workout as well. On top of that, using these medicine balls also lets you be creative and do a lot of routines!

Among the many uses of medicine ball workouts, the best and perhaps the simplest way to use it is to include it in a training routine – mixing the best of resistance training using the med ball together with effective calisthenics training using your own body weight.

Medicine ball workouts are effective for all levels of skill, age, progression and sport. For medicine ball workouts to be most effective the training program should contain maneuvers which match the structure of motions of the sport. Your body adapts, heightens and it grows. Training doesn’t make a contribution to these gains, rather relaxing does, but what training does do is it stimulates and damages the muscles so that they can adapt to and grow during the relaxing periods.

Before commencing medicine ball workouts, it is vital to firstly develop a base in the upper-body. This can be by overlooked by commencing with a very light medicine ball which over time can be upgraded for heavier ones. But there are quite a few strength-building workouts for the upper body. For example a common one would be the ever renowned press-up; others would be the bench press, military press, shoulder rotations, bicep curls, triceps extensions, wrist flexion and extensions. After achieving a solid/heavy foundation, are you geared up for some overwhelming medicine ball workouts?

If you just heard about these balls for workout, here are some of the few easy to do workouts that you can do using the medicine balls without hassle. Do any of the following routines regularly and you will be in shape in no time!

Alternating push-ups using med balls

This is just like doing regular push-ups, but this time you are keeping one hand on the ball alternatively. In between repetition, you switch one hand to another.

Triangle push ups

Like alternating push-ups using the med balls, you do regular push-ups but this time you put your thumbs and your index fingers together so that your fingers form a small triangle on the floor. You can set aside the ball during this routine.

Ball toss

This is very simple to do. To do a ball toss, sit on the floor in front of a flat wall; bend your knees and make sure that your back is straight up to ensure good balance. Raise the ball slowly over your head and toss it against the wall. Make sure you catch the ball on rebound.

Use your imagination and be creative. There are a lot of ways to do medicine ball workouts. Find out which one works best for you.