Compound training workouts

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Rowing machine

Compound exercises are strength training movements which involve more than one joint and muscle group. Compound workouts are being performed more and more these days, partly because they can be more effective than working one muscle at a time and partly because compound movements save lots of time in the gym.

Faster Workouts

Who has time these days to put in a solid hour or two in the gym every day? Compound resistance training movements are speeding up the process for many people, since they work more than one muscle group at a time.

For instance, rather than working your upper body on one day and lower body the next as most people used to do in the past, you can now go in and do compound movements which work your entire body in one fat-blasting workout. That means you can get in two days’ worth of workouts in just one day, cutting your required time in the gym in half.

For example, instead of doing push-ups and dumbbell moves for the body one day and lower body moves the next, you can do compound moves such as squat-bicep curls where you perform the bicep curl every time you squat down.

More Effective Workouts

Compound movements can be a lot more effective than single exercise moves alone if they are performed correctly. You still need to do adequate reps and sets to get the full benefits you are after, but since you are working upper and lower body muscles at once you will stimulate more work throughout the body and enhance your results.

Those who are trying to lose weight find that their results are often sped up by doing compound resistance training workouts on a routine basis. This is likely a result of the increased calorie burn combined with muscle stimulation. Your metabolism simply shoots through the roof with this combination!

Increased Calorie Burn

While most people think of resistance training as a way to develop more muscle, compound workouts can actually improve cardio functioning in a way similar to cardio workouts like running and swimming. This is because when you work upper and lower body muscles at once you get your heart rate up much higher than you would just working the upper body alone. This delivers higher calorie burn which can increase your rate of fat burn!

If you combine a series of compound resistance training movements with bursts of cardio such as jogging in place for a minute or doing 20 jumping jacks you will boost your heart rate up even more, which will lead to an even higher calorie burn and accelerated weight loss.

Compound resistance training workouts are beneficial for those who don’t have a lot of time to work out as well as those who want accelerated results from the strength building routines.

The best workouts to do for your core are what are known as compound workouts. They are called compound workouts because, unlike isolation workouts where you isolate a single muscle, you are working multiple muscles at the same time. The reason that these are the best types of exercises for your core muscles is because your core muscles are enlisted to help the other muscles do their job.