11 Exercises You Can Do in Your Office Chair

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Office Workout


40 hours sitting in a chair, every week. How do you get away from that?

Running around the office won’t do. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Definitely when you use the 11 exercises that you can all do while sitting in your chair.

After you read this blog, you’ll know how you use these exercises and why they’re great. You’ll learn the figure 4 stretch, the “almost-get-up” exercise, and why it’s important to reach for the sky.

Go on quickly, below you’ll read it all.

Staying Active at The Office

It’s 4 p.m. and your neck feels stiff. The chair you’re sitting in is damp from the heat of your body. And unfortunately, you still have one and a half hour to go.

It’s normal you get rusty at work. Humans are not made to sit all day. Still, you need your job as much as you need to move. Save to say, it would be great if you knew exercises that you could do right where you are.

In your chair.

Are you ready?

  1. Figure 4 Stretch

The figure 4 stretch stretches your glute musculature. Therefore, it’s also a great hip-opener. The perfect counterbalance for the hip-stiffener that sitting is.

Cross your ankle over your other knee and press the upper knee to the side. Make sure you sit up with a straight back. Move forward from the hips until you feel a light stretch. Hold at least for 30 seconds.

  1. Chest Stretch with Back support

Hunched over, you look at your computer. It’s not a problem if you do that for one minute. But at work, before you know it, you’re focused on your screen for an hour.

That’s why you often see people working an office job have shortened chest muscles. So, it’s time to stretch them out.

Throw your arm over the back support of your chair. Make sure the front of your biceps touches the chair. Then, keep your shoulder down, and twist your body to the other side. Feel the stretch? Hold at least for 30 seconds.

Keep breathing in a relaxed manner.

  1. Trap Stretch with Seat

Once you’ve stretched your chest, it’s time for your traps. Those are the muscles that run diagonally from your shoulder to your neck. In the case of bodybuilders, fighters, and rugby players they often run to the ears.

  1. Do you know which muscle I mean?

Now, let’s stretch it out. Sit up straight and look ahead. Grab your seat on the side. Then, move your whole body to the side until your arm is extended. Then move your head in the same direction, until you feel the stretch. Hold at least for 30 seconds.

  1. Sit Straight

Yeah, sitting up straight can be difficult right?

Still, it’s the best way to relax the muscles that often get tense. Remember the 90-90 rule when it comes to sitting at work. Your knees and hips should both be at an angle of 90 degrees. Also, your eyes should be at the same height as the upper third of your computer screen. Finally, your arms should rest relaxed at your table.

Pull your shoulders back and sit up every time you notice you’re hunched over. In the beginning, it might be hard, but it gets easier over time.

Are you done with your chair? Get a standing desk or try to sit on a fitness ball.

  1. The I’m Almost Getting Up Move

You know when you want to get up, but you don’t?

Repeat that a couple of times and you have an amazing exercise. Don’t use your hands and only get up a couple of centimeters from your chair. This way, you don’t even need to move your chair backward.

This will activate your core, back, glutes, and legs. With this extra tension, you’ll sit a lot better.

  1. Reach for the Sky

Think about it, how often do you reach overhead on a normal working day?

Probably not that often. And that’s a pity because if you don’t use it, you lose it.

So, from now on, reach for the sky every now and then. Once you’re stretched out, move your arms left and right to stretch the sides of your body.

This is another great way to activate your back. And to improve circulation through your shoulder girdle.

  1. Ankle Rolls

Feet are among the most neglected parts of our bodies. Still, they support you every day, everywhere you go. So please, take good care of them.

When you’re sitting in your chair, roll your ankles every now and then. Pull your toes up, press them down, and to the sides. Keep those ankles loose.

  1. Fore-arm Stretch

Do you feel something stinging in your elbow joint every now and then?

If you do, then this stretch is for you. If you don’t, still do this stretch. That way you will stay away from repetitive stress injuries.

Stretch your arm out front. Open your hand palm up to the sky. Now, with your other hand grab all your fingers and pull them down and back. Keep the elbow of the arm you’re stretching straight. This one should feel great.

If you want to stretch the muscles on the upper side of your forearm, do the opposite. Stretch your arm to the front and rotate your arm (in your shoulder) in all the way. Then grab your hand in a fist and push it back all the way.

  1. Tennis ball foot massage

Do you think foot reflexology is expensive?

Don’t worry, a tennis ball will do the trick (almost as well). Place it on the floor, put your foot on top and roll until you feel relaxed.

  1. Deep breaths

This one is the most important of all. There is nothing but deep breaths and fresh loads of oxygen that keep you focused and active.

With each deep breath, you activate the deeper stabilizers in the back. So, next to relaxation and concentration, it’ll be easier to sit up straight and prevent back pain.

Yes, All from Your Chair

What do you think?

Did you think you could do that much, all from your chair? And there’s more. Get creative, there are plenty of ways to stay active.

Now, I know, it’s easy to forget.

So, why don’t you set an alarm every 20 minutes? And make sure you get some movements in.


Nick is a contributing writer for Get Back Into Fitness, sharing tips on health and wellness