A Road to Ultimate Fitness-Things to and Not To Consider

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The journey to ultimate fitness can be different for each individual; for some, it can be an easy process the adrenaline keeps them motivated. For others, it can be more difficult, and they require different strategies to work out more. There are some steps that both these types of people can consider when going down the path of extreme fitness. This will improve their work out and make it more effective. The little tips and tricks include breathing exercises, your goals, and having a realistic plan to get into shape.

Breathing exercises:

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Breathing is one of the most crucial aspects of any exercise or workout routine. Controlling your breathing can have a significant impact on your workout. Many people overlook breathing exercises during their workout routine. However, it can have a considerable effect on your mood, stamina, energy and concentration levels throughout the day. It may not seem like so, but breathing exercises can also help with weight management and weight loss to some extent. It can be a form of meditation which can calm you and help you focus throughout the day. Incorporating breathing exercises to your daily routine has been known to ramp up your productivity level exponentially.

Set your goals:

Before you even consider exercises and join a gym, you should ask yourself what you want out of the workout. You need to have a reason to stay motivated and continue the gruelling process. If you are getting fit for someone else or because of societal pressure, you will eventually get demotivated and lose interest. Your goal should be for yourself, e.g. you want to get healthier and reduce the risk of diseases.

Oxygen therapy:

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Oxygen therapy is a good aid when exercising for most people. You can use it in combination with breathing exercises or on its own. It helps people increase their lung capacity. This increase in lung capacity reduces stress since more oxygen reaches the brain and gives you a sense of well-being. Since it provides an extra burst of oxygen, it improves your time of strenuous exercise and reduces the recovery time after exercise.

Realistic plans:

When you have decided what goal to want to achieve, it is then time to set up a plan to follow. This plan will include the exercises you will do, how many times a week you will do them and other such things. It is essential not to make these plans too ambitious or challenging for yourself. Doing so will result in you not being able to meet your goals and getting upset and discouraged. You should start with simpler exercises and shorter routine and then work your way up as the weeks progress.

Keep it interesting:

With any routine, it is bound to get monotonous and boring. You will most likely fall into a rut where you will want to give up altogether. It is thus a good idea to keep the routine interesting by changing it up every once in a while. One way of making the workout more exciting is by bringing a friend along. Doing the exercises together can stop you from feeling alone, and it can add a spark to an otherwise tiresome routine. You can also change up the tasks, try out some new equipment or even use a different gym from time to time to give to a change of pace.

Keep track of your progress:

Another critical step in your road to ultimate fitness is to keep track of your progress. You can document your changes through various mediums. Using photographs is a good way of visually being able to look at the difference. You can also get more technical with the progress by keeping track of your weight, mass to body ratio etc. to get more accurate results. Looking at growth can be a great motivator to continue with your plan.

Misconceptions about fitness routines:

With fitness and routines, there are also many misconceptions and myths that people believe regarding exercising in general, some of these myths include:

Working up a sweat:

People think that you haven’t had a true workout till you soaked in sweat. This is not true. Sweat is only a cooling mechanism for your body. Sweat is entirely dependent on your body temperature and has nothing to do with how hard you worked out. Meditation is an excellent example in this case. As they provide a good workout and help you stay fit, you usually don’t end up sweating profusely.

No pain, no gain:

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No pain, no gain is a common phrase used when exercising. This is entirely untrue. Many experts have stated that if your routine is causing you pain, you should change it. It is common to get a little sore for the first couple of days. Anything more that can be negatively affecting your health instead of improving your fitness. If you are someone that does experience a lot of pain when exercising, try other options such as yoga and oxygen therapy to alleviate that pain.

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