Ways To Train While Injured

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If you face a sports injury, you will definitely need some time for recovery, regroup and rest. You can maintain your base fitness during recovery, if you can’t stop your exercise. Some of the ways are as follows

1- No Whining

If you want to run, your injury may hinder you, as it causes major pain. But you can keep it in perspective. Most running injuries heal in due time as they are relatively minor injuries. You may feel depressed if you can’t run but a shin splints case is not bad enough when you compare it to people who are facing real problems, real pain and illnesses. Some people with such kind of problems may not recover; you will. You should complain about it as no one actually wants to hear it. Either they are your family, partner, kids or even your running mates. In fact, complaining is contrary to getting healthy once again.

2- Be Patient

Every athlete faces injuries once or more in life. However, each of those – even if he is 72-year-old who broke his hip – is able to run and participate in his activities again. Most of the injuries heal with time and there’s a treatment for any kind of running injury.

Unluckily, there is no magic pill that will cure your injury instantly. It can’t be done by simply changing a pair of shoes. Rather, you should be confident that despite how bad or severe your injury may appear, it’s just temporary. If you show patience in time required for healing, you will definitely run again.

3- Stick To Your Routine

You should carry your exercise habits even after injury, for example; if you are a morning runner, you should continue to run in the morning. If you usually run at lunchtime, continue to exercise at lunchtime. You should be so conscious about your routine that you should try to carry the same daily pattern even if you can’t run. You should try to get up early, get yourself on the road and enjoy a long run.

If you’re injured, you should still follow the same trail and can walk for hours. You should also follow the post run ritual: a shower, some stretching, warm bread and Sunday paper and an ice pack session. According to a psychological viewpoint, the post run ritual is nearly as important for you as the run itself. The walk is never as satisfying as the long run. But maintaining your routine is much better for your body and mind than doing nothing.

4- Work Each Day To Get Your Health Back

Injuries are of different types, some of them can be treated well by rest and self-treatment. You can do things like visiting a podiatrist or chiropractor, take a massage.

If all you need to do is icing your injury or intake of anti-inflammatories, you should do it religiously. You can perform stretching twice a day, if the problem is due to muscle imbalance or inflexibility.


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