Titan Adjustable Heavy Bag Boxing Stand

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Adjustable Heavy Bag Stand

Titan Adjustable Heavy Bag Boxing Stand







  • Heavy Duty
  • Price
  • Materials


  • Didn't come with concrete screws
  • Requires 2 people to install safely

The Titan Adjustable Heavy Bag Boxing Stand is by far the most used item in my entire gym. I added a 100lb banana bag from Contender Fight Sports that I purchased separately though Amazon. My brother and I used a concrete drill and 4 concrete screws to mount this. We set it to the maximum height of 8’6″ which lets the 6′ banana bag sit only a few inches off the floor.

Assembly was a snap. If memory serves I had to use 2 wrenches as most Titan bolts are too large for your typical socket wrench set. This did take 2 people to hold up and mount to the ground as well as a few tries of drilling into concrete and sucking the concrete dust out of the ground with a shop vac, but now that it’s mounted this thing is not going anywhere.

Yes it squeaks a bit when it really gets going, but I have no doubt in my mind this thing is not going anywhere. I would definitely plan on mounting this thing into the ground so make sure you have a spot for it before you order.

It’s footprint is fairly small as well. You can always unhook the heavy bag and move it, leaving your beam floating a good 8′ up in the air out of the way. The mount itself is 1′ x 1′ so it truly is a small footprint.

It did not come with concrete screws so I did order those separately, although I already ordered a box for my T3 Rack anyway so it didn’t matter. If you’re looking for something for your small gym or for practicing some heavy bag combos at home this is an easy suggestion. Anything Titan Fitness is honestly an easy suggestion. They make quality products at a reasonable price that includes free shipping.

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