Dos and Don’ts of Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Published by Ashlie on


Anxiety, stress, depression and many such terms associated with emotional distress have become very common in today’s world. The rise in socioeconomic problems and the increased competition in almost every domain of life can be traced as the main reasons for it. However, the increased awareness of mental health-related issues has led people to opt for the various possible solution for it. Be it getting marijuana for anxiety or making lifestyle changes and getting regular medication, there are several ways to let go of the stress and seek refuge from the emotional distresses. Making some basic changes in your daily routine and eating habits can surely help you cope with any such issue effortlessly. Here are some dos and don’ts that you must consider if you want to deal with your anxiety and stress:

Keep Going:

We all have heard that ‘an empty mind is devils’ workshop’, well this cliché can surely help us understand the fact that whenever we are free and nothing to do, we are unintentionally making room for negative thoughts. Being idle makes us procrastinate about every single thing around us and we gradually start isolating ourselves from people around us because when we overthink, our expectations become unrealistic. Therefore, when you feel stressed, do not just sit and overthink things that might be hurtful for you, rather, do something that you find soothing or pleasing. For example, some people like to paint things that make them angry or some people prefer writing about things that make them sad or anxious. Find a way to externalize your anger and stress.

Stop Yourself from Isolating:

Likewise, start your day by working out. Go out for a walk or do exercise. Working out at the beginning of day keeps you active all day long and you feel more energized and can do more work. Working out helps you remain focused. If you are stressed out from work, you can take a day off from work, hang out with your friends, or plan a one-day trip. Sleeping all day can depress you more, so try to keep our social life as active as you can because it helps you stay in touch with yourself as the people around you actually remind you of who you are and what are your aspirations. Moreover, having someone who loves you around is the best way to destress as you can effortlessly vocalize your fears and anxieties.

Change Your Eating Habits:

People often overlook the fact that food can also help them cope up with their stress and depression. Having a poor nutrition diet or skipping meals causes in your fatigue which in turn aids in your level of stress. However, having a strict diet plan also makes some people anxious. So, try to work on ‘eat what you see’ strategy and to follow it effectively, fill your food storage with all the healthy diets. For example, add beans, pasta, olive oil, brown rice, soup or other favorable herbs to your diet. It is simple, stop buying unhealthy stuff. Healthy eating coupled with regular exercise always works miraculously.

Seek Professional Help:

People often feel embarrassed to seek professional help for their anxieties and depression. The fear of being tagged as a psycho or crazy person holds them back from doing so. Do not let any of such thoughts to hold you from reaching out for a doctor. Mental health is as important as our physical health. If we ignore our mental health, things might get worse and it can also affect our physical health. For example, constant stress can result in backaches and or neck cramps. Likewise, stress can also affect our metabolic activity resulting in unnatural weight gain or loss. Do not fear to reach out for professional help.

Making simple lifestyle changes by following these can surely help a person to deal with stress and anxiety. It can also help in reducing the symptoms of any mental illness. Your mental health should be your priority because it is what enables you to live a happy and healthy life. You can never know when what you are considering just a ‘state of mind’ or ‘a bad phase of life’ will take you to the suicidal thoughts and might become fatal. Learn to vocalize your stress and fears and live your life to the fullest!