Average Personal Trainer Prices

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What’s the average price per hour to hire a personal trainer? About $50. That’s the price I decided to toss myself at for an hour of my time, $50. The truth is as with everything in life you may be able to negotiate a price with a personal trainer.

Negotiating Personal Trainer Prices

Step One – Don’t go to a Commercial Gym

Personal trainers working for a commercial gym are paid by the hour by the gym to convince gym members to purchase personal training services. Then they get a cut but the gym also gets a cut of whatever that ‘rate’ is. So the commercial trainer is at the mercy of the commercial gym as to what their rates are.

Step Two – Find a personal trainer (online or in person) who doesn’t work at a commercial gym

You found this page right? I don’t work in a commercial gym. If we aren’t a good fit for each other (schedule a consultation here to find out if we mesh) do the exact same thing you did to find me – Facebook, Instagram, Google.

Step Three – Negotiate with the personal trainer

The easiest way to get a ‘deal’ with a personal trainer regarding pricing is to do a couple’s deal. Couples that work out together stay together. The actual rate will be slightly higher (for sake of argument let’s say $70 an hour instead of $50 an hour) but the cost per head will be lower ($35 vs $50.)

If the couple’s idea isn’t an option inquire about deals for buying multiple sessions. I personally offer 1 free session after 20 sessions. If you work out with me twice a week that means you’ll get a free session on every 11th week.

Trading may also be a potential option. Do you offer a product or service that could be useful for the personal trainer? Web designer, massage therapist, chiropractor, painter? Service for service trades may be a possible option depending on the service and the trainer.

Group training

Unfortunately with group training you won’t be getting a personalized experience but this is an additional way to work with a trainer on the ‘cheap.’ You pay per class to get your fitness on. $5 a class, $10 a class, $150 for unlimited classes… it’s going to vary based on the facility and the group class offerings available.

Small to large group training is a good way to get some fitness into your day if you’re motivated by large groups of people though. And group training classes are also available online. Some include Facebook groups these days that can provide you with a bit more individualized attention by asking questions inside the group.

Don’t let money stand between you and fitness

Working with a personal trainer is an investment in yourself and your future. The right trainer will help you along your path to lifetime fitness. Maybe you work with them for a few months asking questions, maybe you work with them for years. Trainers want to help you become the best version of yourself. The cost per hour of hiring a trainer far outweighs the costs of not hiring one.

Learning balance will protect you from falling which in turn reduces the potential number of trips you’ll be making to the emergency room. Doctor bills are more expensive than a trainer. Let’s get started today.

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