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What’s the hardest part in losing weight? Coming up with healthy meal plans that provide you with the macros (nutrition from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) you need to function for the day. What’s the hardest part of putting on lean muscle mass? Coming up with healthy meal plans that aren’t boring that keep you on track.

Lumen Macros

The good news is there is a solution available in the form of technology – it’s called Lumen. Lumen is a breathalyzer that connects to your smart phone via blutooth. You breathe into the device every morning, it uses the CO2 in your body to determine the macros you need for the day and allows you to put in dietary restrictions (no gluten, no seafood, no soy, etc, etc) to get meal plan suggestions (that includes substitutions) so you can be inspired to eat well each and every day.

Lumen Allergies

Daily Macro Meal Planning for Weight Loss

In all seriousness, the way to lose weight is simply a caloric deficit. Take in less calories then you burn that day. Rinse and repeat. That’s it. That’s the actual secret.

Lumen will provide you with the ideas for your meals each and every day. It’ll ask you for your weight every week. It’ll ask you if you exercised, how long you exercised, and how long you slept.

Lumen recipesLumen Recipe Substitutions

Will Lumen help you lose weight? Kinda. Will Lumen provide you with accountability, a weekly snapshot of how you’re doing, and recipe ideas to help you figure out how to eat healthier? Yes. That’s the benefit. Seeing trend charts of overall progress will show you where you were and where you are now. Being able to go back in time (you can go back and see what you did, how you slept, etc) will let you keep track of both your exercise and sleep plan.

Did I exercise 3x or 2x three weeks ago? You can go back and look. As long as you’re being honest with the software on a daily basis. It’s a really cool tool that I’ve been using daily.

How should I fuel my body for exercise?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been using this part of Lumen, and I probably should. You can blow into your Lumen both before and after exercise to see whether or not your fuel source (fat or carbs) have changed during exercise. The tool isn’t just for weight loss – they have 2 additional modes: one for fitness and one for improving metabolic efficiency (moving between fat burn and carb burn.)

Why haven’t I heard of this?

Greed. Lumen is a 1 time purchase. I brought up the concept of CO2 breath testing with a company that sells monthly macro planning subscriptions and they were quick to try and discredit the science behind it. A one time purchase messes up a $200 monthly membership subscription.

I first learned about this concept directly from a member of the UFC Performance Institute team. They need to know how to fuel their athletes to perform at 100% each and every day. So if it’s good enough for the UFCPI, it’s good enough for me.