Workout of the Day – Crazy 8’s

Published by Jason Narog on


I like circuits, and I like playing around with a variety of gear. If you don’t have gear, but you’ve got the space then Titan Fitness is a great place to get reasonably priced gear. As the name implies for this workout of the day, you’ll be doing 8 reps of everything, and you’ll be doing 3 sets total. You can go for time if you’d like, remembering to rest in-between sets.

Do these with where you’re currently comfortable and at your fitness level. I won’t set any weights here, just the rep count. If your reverse lunge is on a TRX, awesome. If it’s bodyweight, awesome. If you’ve got a bar (or a bag) on you, also awesome.

  1. 8 Suples Spins left and 8 Suples spins right with the Bulgarian Bag
  2. 8 landmine bent over rows
  3. 8 reverse lunges
  4. Strict (or push) press
  5. Deadlift
  6. 30 seconds of medicine ball slams

I’ll admit, it’s slightly lacking in the squat area but we’ve got a pull, a lunge, a push, a hinge, and a cardio element. The lunge also handles some of that single leg balance work we could all benefit from.

If you want to kick it up a notch further I’d incorporate in pull ups and squats after the deadlift. A pull up assist band may come in handy to get to 8.

After completing the above strength workout it’s time for some punching and kicking. 3 rounds of boxing – 2 rounds of kick then double kick (then switch sides); then 1 round of punching. The trick to doing more than 1 kick at a time is you’re going for speed and placement over power. A single kick can be power, the placement of your foot (and keeping the hip slightly turned over) makes a big difference as you start working your way up a pyramid ladder.

With a single kick your leg ends up where you first had it. With a double kick (or triple, or so on) the closer your foot gets placed to the object you’re kicking the faster you can lift it up and do it again.

That’s the workout – now go do it and let me know what you think in the comments!