Eight Exercise Circuit Workout

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Exercise circuit

I seem to be obsessed with eight’s nowadays. Technically this is 7 exercises with an adjustment for one round per leg in the single leg balance category. Use this as a template to adjust to your existing fitness level.

Timer – 30 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest inbetween. Take a break after completing each circuit before repeating.

  1. Bulgarian Bag Swings – Swing the Bulgarian Bag left to right to warm up the shoulders. Pivot through on your back foot and follow the bag with your eyes.
    Alternatives – Kettlebell halos, Sandbag halos, Bulgarian Bag Suples Spin, Bulgarian Bag Shoulder Tosses, Bulgarian Bag Lamb Swings (this would get a lunge into the routine), Weight Plate Halos
  2. Landmine Squats – Hands cupped under the bar, perform squats
    Alternatives – Any type of squat with anything you have available. If you wanted to train power or conditioning – frog hops or jump squats
  3. TRX Upright Rows – This has become a staple in pretty much everything I do. It helps with lat activation and helps build the back. Facing the anchor point, walk your legs to a comfortable position. Extend your arms out fully with thumbs toward the ceiling. As you pull yourself towards the anchor point, rotate the palms up towards the ceiling and bring the shoulder blades together. Slowly return to the starting point with your thumbs toward the ceiling again.
    Alternatives – Bulgarian Bag upright rows, landmine rows, dumbbell rows (you’d need to add an additional round [making it 9 rounds] if you performed a single arm row), kettlebell rows, sandbag bent over row, plate row
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat – With one foot on a bench, chair, or box slowly squat down. Use a pole for balance if necessary.
    Alternatives – Add weight, or use the TRX for balance
  5. Other Side Split Squat
  6. Kettlebell Swing – This is the hip hinge portion of program. All the points of the swing apply. Being that this is 30 seconds straight of work, choose an appropriate weight. 10-15 seconds of swings at 24kg is quite different from 30 seconds of swings at 20kg.
    Alternatives – Any deadlift variety or the Bulgarian Bag Swing Squat (just just a swing with the bag)
  7. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Strict or push press. Try to keep the core engaged and the shoulders away from the ears.
    Alternatives – Kettlebell, Bulgarian Bag, or bar press
  8. Medicine Ball Slams – In an active position, bring the ball up overhead, slam it into the ground, catch and repeat

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