8, 10, 12 Rep Circuit

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3 Round Circuit, we’ll be climbing the rep ladder while keeping the weight the same. Rest in between sets. Last week I listed alternative gear for each exercise, this time use your imagination (or contact me if you need suggestions.)

Gear Needed – Bulgarian bag(s), lat pulldown pulley or DIY pulley system, Olympic or specialty bar for deadlifts, medicine ball, agility ladder

DIY Lat Pulldown construction – Take a pull up bar, a pull up assist band, and some handles (optional). Wrap the pull up assist band through the pull up bar (the $20-$30 ones have additional little loops everywhere to stick things through.) Sit underneath the pull up bar on a chair or bench. Done.

Bulgarian Bag Squats – Place an appropriately sized bag up on your shoulders and squat for the correct number or reps per set (8 in round 1, 10 in round 2, 12 in round 3.)

Lat Pulldowns – You can either go wide grip or elbows tight to the body. You’ll be targeting slightly different muscle groups depending on your elbow placement.

Deadlifts – While maintaining a flat back hinge at the hips. Hip hinge. There are specialty bars (like the hex bar) that make this easier on you than with a standard bar.

Single Arm Press – Its up to you if you want to do this strict or push. Strict will work the core more, but the push press will get you a little extra work in the legs.  Do both arms before moving on to the next station.

Medicine Ball Lunge with Rotation – We have both the lunge and the rotation. Lunge (keeping your forward shin as vertical as possible), then rotate the medicine ball over the forward leg side and to the side before returning to center and stepping back up (pushing through the heel of your front leg to stand.) Rep count is per leg.

Incline Push Ups – This may be an example of me just wanting to put the Bulgarian bag into the routine for no other reason than to use it. If you’ve got a bag, put your hands on the bag with the main handles towards you and your fingers near-ish the side handles. Slightly externally rotating your hands on the bag keep your elbows tight to the body while maintaining a tight core to execute proper push ups.

Suples Spin – Rep count is per side. We’re nearing the end so I figured why not tucker people out a bit.

Agility Ladder side straddle hops – Both feet in the square, then both feet out of the square (you’d remember this from hop scotch when you get to the double boxes.) Youtube link for all my email subscribers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpvZw9kAr9I

Go up the ladder, turn around, back down the ladder then rest for about 2 minutes before repeating the entire process all over again (and then again.)