Utilizing Muay Thai Drills For Different Practical Applications

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In case you didn’t know, I’m a minor sponsor of Paul Banasiak, a pro thai fighter who also runs the Online Striking Academy. He knows a ton about Muay Thai and provides super easy to follow tutorials to improve your fight IQ and game. Here is part of 1 drill he provided on controlling the ring that I’ve now morphed into various practical applications to use with a variety of my clients.

The Combo – Right Punch, step, Right Punch

Paul demonstrates this as a way of shutting down your opponent’s movement while in the ring. You punch them in the face, they go left, you step with them right, and punch them in the face again. That’ll teach them to try and get away from you.

Cool drill for people who are prepping for smokers or fights and generally good information to know. But here’s how I modified this simple combo into something I can do with clients in a variety of settings.

Heavy Bag Combo – Right punch, right punch, left kick

I took the step out for an intro combo and added a left kick. I like the left kick here for any scenario as you’d still be controlling the ring if the opponent from above decided to go right after going left. You’ve already cracked them in the face, they try to evade the other direction and you crack them in the ribs with a left kick.

On the bag you’re punching, punching, kicking. And footwork comes into play. After the right punch you can snap that left kick up really quick, switch step into a more powerful left kick, or even step away from the bag with your right to open up those hips and get the same type kick you would from the switch step.

If you go punch, step, punch, kick then the stepping with the kick might be slightly more difficult based solely on position near / away from the bag.

Adding Abs Into the Equation

Just add a slip anywhere into the equation. Punch, slip, punch, kick. Or punch, punch, slip, kick.

On Pads

You can either move with the boxer to get them to do the step or just run the combo without moving. Same-ish combo, but different application. If you’re training someone who wants to practice more practical application then move with them. If it’s solely for cardio then leave it up to them.

Very simple combo, unlimited applications!

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