Total Body Core Blasting Quad Blasting Workout

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Sandbag Workout

Catchy enough title? This is a total body, core blasting, quad blasting workout. You’ll want some gear, but as always feel free to substitute what you’ve got with where it fits. 3 rounds, no time limit. Grinding exercises are 12 reps, ballistics are 10 reps or timed (depending on the exercise.)

  • Medicine Ball
  • Kettlebell
  • Bulgarian Bag(s)
  • Sandbag(s)

My original plan was to group this into groups of 3’s, but changed while in action.

If you don’t have a Bulgarian Bag yet, A) what’s wrong with you? and B) you can probably get away with doing this entire routine using kettlebells, dumbbells, and the medicine ball.

Upper Body

  • Medicine Ball Slams for time (30 seconds)
  • Bulgarian Bag Bent Over Row
  • Bulgarian Bag Front Raise
  • Bulgarian Bag Squat to Press (Thrusters)
  • Bulgarian Bag Behind the Head Press
  • Bear Crawls (for distance)

Lower Body

  • Sandbag Cleans
  • Sandbag Deadlifts
  • Sandbag Clean to walk (racked carry, 30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell Russian Hard Style Swings (10)


  • Bulgarian Bag Spins (10 each direction)
  • Bulgarian Bag Bicep Curls
  • Bulgarian Bag Tricep Extensions
  • Bulgarian Bag Squat Throws (for time, 30 seconds)

Coaching Notes

While it’s true every exercise utilizes the core in one way or another, this turns into a “use your core or you’ll not be having a good day” type of routine. The swings, cleans, and deadlifts all utilize a hard style plank at the top of the exercise. The clean to cruise (or walk) is a racked carry that forces the core and glutes to fire while trying to keep yourself balanced.

The hamstrings get a good amount of work from the swings, cleans, bent over row, and deadlifts as well, as do the lats.

The multiple squatting exercises give your quads a good burn, and the moving from station to station without much rest in-between creates an incredibly tiring circuit.

Being that we’re going for 12 reps on each exercise make sure you choose an appropriate weight for you.

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