Top Reasons Why Athletes Take Creatine Supplements

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Creatine supplements have become popular among athletes as it is legal and is not considered performance-enhancing drugs, unlike other enhancement supplements. Because of this, professional athletes are allowed to use it without getting in trouble.

Aside from being legal, creatine supplements also provide a lot of benefits for their performance and health while being confident that they are taking a safe supplement. Here are the benefits that have been noticed by the athletes who are using creatine.

Improve Strength

Study shows that creatine can increase your overall strengths as it helps speed up lean muscle mass during intensive training. This is why creatine supplements have become a staple in the fitness, bodybuilding and sports communities.

Compared to training alone, creatine supplements will double your strength which helps you improve your performance. The effect of the creatine supplement is more beneficial to individuals doing high-intensity training.

In just 5 to 7 days, you will notice an improvement in your strength and muscle mass growth. Creating users have also shown a significant increase in type 1, 2A and 2AB muscle fibre cross-sectional areas.

Increase Energy Level

Creatine users noticed an increase in their energy levels when they started consuming creatine supplements. During high-intensity training, you will need more ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate than your body produces. The ATP breaks down quickly during training, which often results in a reduction of your energy level.

ATP is the key molecule in your cells that produces energy. Creatine helps speed up your ATP production to compensate for your needs by increasing the production of phosphocreatine in your muscles.

In addition to speeding up ATP production, creatine also helps in storing it in your muscles. Its dual function will ensure that you will have energy throughout the competition.

A study also concluded that taking creatine supplements reduces the tiredness and fatigue felt by athletes, especially during successive competitions.

Creatine Supplements Are Safe

Enhancement supplements have been known to be dangerous, so they use these were banned worldwide. Creatine supplements are one of the safest ergogenic aids available in the market, which is why it was not declared illegal to consume this type of supplement.

There have no reported adverse reactions in both short and long-term usage of creatine supplements among healthy athletes. It even has some possible health benefits for those who are taking it.

Prevents Injury

This ergogenic aid is not only used by athletes to enhance their performance but also because of its capacity to prevent or reduce the severity of injuries and enhance injury rehabilitation. Creatine should be taken by athletes, especially those who are in contact sports as this ergogenic aid has significant help in head trauma and neurological injury.

Concussion and spinal cord injuries among athletes are normal, especially those involved in contact sports like football and basketball. The numbers of these kinds of injuries among athletes have become an international concern in all sports organizations.

However, creatine supplements have provided promising results when dealing with brain and spinal cord injuries and have become the solution to this inevitable problem amongst athletes. This ergogenic aid not only provides protection but also aids in speeding up recovery.

It is best to prepare yourself and start consuming creatine supplements as part of your daily routine to reduce the chance of injury during competitions. It will also ensure that you will not get injured while practising or training for your upcoming competition. If you have experienced injuries, taking creatine supplements will speed up your recovery time for your next training or competition.

Enhance Tolerance

Creatine monohydrates have osmotic properties just like carbohydrates, which helps you enhance your tolerance during high-intensity physical activities, especially if you are training under the heat. These osmotic properties help retain water, which gives you more tolerance to heat.

Water retention has been seen in athletes using a creatine supplement, which helps them hyper-hydrate, especially to those participating in high-intensity sports such as soccer, football, and basketball.

The Health Benefits

Aside from the benefits of the athlete’s performance, creatine supplements also significantly impact your health. There have been reports that creatine helps fight neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and epilepsy amongst many things.

Due to phosphocreatine restoration in your brain, cell death has significantly decreased to 25% and helps with your body’s daily function. Researchers believe that creatine supplements can help protect us against any neurological diseases when used with conventional medicines.


To ensure you can keep up with your competitors, you must look for various ways to perform efficiently. Taking creatine supplements can help you significantly. You do not need to hesitate in using creatine as it is proven safe and effective compared to any other enhancement supplements available. If you are thinking of considering an enhancement supplement, creatine would be your best option.