Elite Sports Athletic Convertible Backpack Review

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Elite Sports Convertible Backpack

What’s the most important aspect to training? A good bag! Without one, how are you going to get your gear from your house to the gym?

As an avid gearhead I’m excited to review the Elite Sports Athletic Convertible BJJ Gym Bag & Backpack 

TLDR – This is a backpack or gym bag. It has straps for both. It also has ventilation for all your sweaty gear on the way home from an amazing training session. This isn’t a giant bag, but it’s not being marketed as one. Read my whole review to find out how much stuff you can cram in it!


The package was well wrapped with the strap to turn it into a gym bag inside of the bag itself. No issues with shipping – 10 out of 10.

Elite Bags Packaging


Elite Sports Bag

This is marketed as a Jiu Jitsu bag. Belt, gi, rash guards, mouth guard, and first aide bag will all fit into this bag without issue. You can carry it like a backpack or on your shoulder as a gym bag.

The straps for the backpack fit into their own pocket that can be zipped away if you don’t want to have the straps out.

  • There’s a small pocket on the top that would be perfect for things like your mouth guard, tape, or even your wallet during training.
  • There are 2 side pockets that’ll just barely fit a portable first aide kit or a toiletry bag for showering after class.
  • One lined section that runs from top to bottom that I’d personally use for clothes to swap into after training.
  • The main duffle section is accessible by 2 different zippers – one for the bottom and 1 for the top. There are 4 ventilation pockets to keep this area clean.

I wanted to truly know how large the main section was so I crammed the following inside – a set of shin guards, a set of focus mitts, and 16 oz gloves. Again, this bag is marketed as a Jiu-Jitsu backpack, so me trying to cram every piece of Muay Thai gear I own into it is not fair to the bag. Elite Sports offers larger bags if that’s what you’re after.

For what this bag is being marketed as I give it a 10 out of 10 on size and build quality.

Use Cases

When I was training BJJ and Muay Thai back to back (pre my pursuit of kettlebell perfection) I had a giant bag that had to hold focus mitts, head gear, gloves, gi, etc, etc. This particular bag would not work for this use case, but it’s not supposed to.

On Muay Thai only days (before or after work) I had a separate bag that held my gloves, mouth guard, focus mitts, first aide kit, shampoo, after sports wipes, and a change of clothes for work. This bag would be perfect for that use case.

On no gi after work days I had my upper / lower rash guards, shorts, mouth guard, and first aide kit. This bag’s size would honestly be overkill for said use case (I could fit everything into that padded area before training then throw everything into the vented section after), so it could easily handle it.

On just a gi day, yes, this would work without issue.

Final thoughts

This bag’s quality is awesome. Determine the size of bag you need for your particular use case then check out all the other awesome gear available from Elite Sports – https://www.elitesports.com/collections/brazilian-jiu-jitsu-bjj-gear-gym-bags

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Kevin Murphy · August 23, 2021 at 10:47 pm

The bag looks awesome. But will consider it after your review. Waiting for the detailed review.

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