Bear Grips – Triple Layer Weight Lifting Belt Review

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Weight Lifting Belt






Cost Factor


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Please follow the directions on their website to measure correctly before ordering. I’m a medium in athletic pants but a large in their weight lifting belt. They give you specific instructions on how to measure. If you don’t have a tape ruler, use string and mark on the string where you are then use a ruler.

If you follow directions the product should fit. I was happy with my fit.


I wear baggy fitting shirts. The belt over the baggy shirt did cause some issues as I’m used to my clothing stretching all over the place. Having an item (in this case a weight lifting belt) wrapped around loose fit clothing did indeed make said clothing tight and less maneuverable.

If you wear more “appropriate” clothing for the situation (in this case putting a belt around you that helps support you while moving weight) then this won’t be an issue. This is just something to think about based on your current gym attire.

Ease of Use

I had no issues figuring out how to use this thing. Bear Grips includes a good amount of instructions with their products so you can follow along if you need to, but this weight lifting belt is (honestly) just a velcro strap and a belt loop (I’m not diminishing the quality here, the quality is great, I’m just trying to point out the fact that putting on a weight lifting belt is not rocket science.)

That thought did bring up something though – old school weight lifting belts are thicker in the back, and have belt holes similar to a Hulk Hogan belt. This is velcro, which helps with those in-between sized people where you’re not quite the next hole up and have to start hole punching your own holes into the belt.

Does it slip?

No, the belt did not slip. The velcro stayed in place, as did the belt. Over a long period of time this might not be the case, but the same would be true for a piece of metal going through a punched hole. Eventually the hole wears out from moving. Velcro should last longer and give you a truer fit for a longer period of time.

Does it match my wardrobe?

Maybe? I like blacks and reds so for me, yes, yes it does match my wardrobe.

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