6 Week Online Bootcamp

Rugged Maniac Portland 2018

Tired of only “socializing” with work people over whatever your company has deemed the current “video conferencing software”?

Take a break with me (and the group) Tuesday & Thursday mornings! Block your office calendar as we chat about life, sweat, chat a bit more, then return to our “normal” quarantined lives.


We’re also working out Saturday mornings, take a break from the family!

  • Let’s spend 3 hours a week online sweating, making physical gains and socializing with each other during this historical time
  • People need other people, so I’ll make sure we all have a chance to interact before and after each class (socializing is important to me too!)
  • Let’s get some of that aggression out from being stuck indoors by punching and kicking! Punching and kicking the air, that is.
  • How many push ups can you do in 30 seconds? Let’s find out with this HIIT style workout!

ankle touchesFight StanceHigh KneesKicking

What are you waiting for? Get fit at home now!

What are you waiting for?