Portland Oregon 97218 Personal Training Gym Space

All wet at Rugged Maniac

Available 1 on 1 personal training sessions are:

  • Tuesday morning
  • Wednesday evening
  • Thursday morning
  • Friday Evening

Small group strength and conditioning class (4 people maximum)

  • Saturday morning
  • Sunday morning

My philosophy

I come from multiple schools of thought on the matter of personal training, but lately have been leaning more towards the school of thought surrounding not overdoing training. The first few weeks will be trial and error as we attempt to identify the point of pushing your body to almost soreness, but once we have it dialed in I want you to be able to train as many times per week as you want without being sore. This is a similar methodology of the school of strength of StrongFirst, and has become a growing movement within the fitness industry.

The idea is this – I’ll put you through some movements to identify areas where your body needs some individualized attention, put together a corrective exercise program to strengthen those individual areas while also working on functional compound movements that target multiple muscle groups at the same time to get you stronger and more durable.

But I don’t want to push you to the point where you’re sore and start avoiding exercise (you will be sore in the beginning as we figure out this point, but after a few weeks it won’t happen.) Then you can exercise freely (both with and without me), increase your cardio, increase your strength, and improve any muscle imbalances that are causing you issues in life.

Depending on your comfort level on the matter, I have a lot of boxing / kickboxing gear at my disposal as well to play with. This is great for endurance training, weight loss, and core strength.

We’ll be using gear that lets you move freely, so no giant pulley machines. We need to stabilize the body. There’s no machine going up and down stairs or picking up groceries so there’s no machines in the gym (besides the treadmill.)

The gym

Available gear –

  • Standard olympic rack for deadlifts, squats, and bench press
    • Adjustable bench to incline and decline bench
    • Dip station
    • 2 different sized pull up bars for grip strength
  • Free weights for bench (and potentially curls)
  • Landmine station
  • Heavy assist bands for assisting will pull ups
  • Kettlebells – lots and lots of kettlebells
  • TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer
  • Weight vest, ankle weights, arm weights
  • Bungie straps for arms and ankles
  • Ab wheel, sliding discs, balance board
  • Heavy banana bag for punching and kicking
  • Focus mitts, thai pads (for kicking)
  • Spar bar (for ducking under / ab workouts)
  • Other misc boxing things (like tennis balls strapped to your head)
  • Variety of fitness bands and straps to target muscle imbalances to make you more durable / stronger / move more efficiently
  • Agility ladder and cones
  • A variety of foam rollers and therapy balls (some even vibrate)

And a water cooler with both hot and cold water so we can catch up on the latest office gossip before and / or after the workout!

Am I the trainer for you?

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